Category: Expressions and Experiences of participants at Dhrti

K.Uma, M.Sc., R.D. Registered Nutrition Consultant

Dear Yogis, I take this opportunity to thank Satyaji for giving me and my husband Krishna (who is also practicing Yoga at Dhrti for the past 2 yrs) a wonderful Yoga training. Satyaji has got very deep knowledge about different aspects of Yoga. Her encouragement, knowledge about the physiology and anatomy of the body, different […]

Ashok, Relationship Manager, PHILIPS Electronics

I happened to join Dhrti Yoga just two months back because of knee problem and allergy with cold, and in just two months I can feel the difference in my knee and immunity. I am really grateful to Dhrti Yoga and the way teaching has been offered with care, proper guidance and motivation to do […]

Ajay, Computer Science Corporation

This is a good initiative thought to let us tell what we feel. I had this in my mind for a while to express how the changes have occurred in me and now I have the chance. It’s been a journey of seven months. And the passion that Satya have for yoga has rubbed on […]


have been associated with Satya since October 2010. I am like the typical software engineer who does most of the job sitting & gazing at computer and who has to travel long distances to reach office. I started losing flexibility in body & started getting stiff due to lack of exercise. Yoga has helped me […]

Geetha Iyer, SME in Advertising, Wipro

Hi, it’s wonderful and pleasure learning yoga with Satya. She gives us lots of positive energy and always challenges ourselves. I feel the kind of flexibility I am gaining. I like this journey coz it is helping me to come out of ambiguity in thinking. I am fine with the timings offered at Dhrti. I […]

Priyanka Ramaswamy

Hi, I am doing my MBA and married. First of all I would like to say I just love the way meditation is done. For me, yoga has been very useful and after joining at Dhrti. I feel very relaxed and calm. I feel totally refreshed after each session. It’s a blend of everything taught […]


I started thinking about it myself what is the output last 4 months of Yoga Practice. I knew I enjoyed the session because, unlike an evening at the Gym, it doesn’t exhaust my last remaining energies at the end of a hard day at office. Rather, when I leave the studio, I feel kind of […]

Siva, software developer, Calsoft Labs, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore.

I’ve been practicing yoga for around 6 to 8 months, with some gaps in between. From my experience till now, I can say that yoga is more of a lifestyle option and it should be taken for lifelong to get good results. After my 3 months practice continuously, I have slimmed down, bit more peaceful […]

Bhaskar Rakshit

“I am now practicing yoga about 1.5 years. Well, whatever I say about my yoga class at Dhrti and my teacher Satya is less. When I started yoga at Dhrti, I was in dire need of something which helps me re-build my self-esteem, confidence, and bring positivity back to my life. Satya you helped me […]

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