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Dhrti Yoga online class testimonial

Online Yoga Sessions – Saumya’s personal experience

Dear All, Hari OM Tat Sat, Sharing with you what our student Saumya S feels with the online sessions that she has been taking with us. As you read through you too would experience her joy shining through her expressions. Thank you Saumya very beautifully written.


Sanchala Reddy – 5:45 pm, A teacher, “If you are looking for health and peace then Dhrithi is the place. The gurus here are very dedicated. Yoga has become commercial these days but it is not that way here. Apart from the regular practice sessions they have many other events like celebrating festivals, social Seva […]

Shiv Shankar

best place to learn yoga, staff well experienced, courteous, and caring, everything happens on time, best results and value return for your efforts here.

Sahana Bhatt

This center is just not about yoga.. its about bringing peace of mind, leading a healthy life with all the cleansing and it also helps in building principles and values in life which is very essential. This center also celebrates festival in traditional way which is long forgotten.

amruta allada

  Hari OM, My experience at Dhrti yoga is very good. I progressed as a yoga practitioner and also grown as a yoga teacher. Had a very good learning experience as a yoga practitioner and as a Bala yoga teacher. I am happy that I had an opportunity to attend both of your classes. I […]

Seema Iyer

I was in Bangalore as a visiting scholar for 4 months, and was a student at Dhrti Yoga center while I was there. Every morning, and occasionally weekend talks and excursions, I was so happy to learn Hatha yoga in such a holistic way from the gurus. We learning about the asanas, pranayamas, shlokas, the […]

Anindita Das Service Delivery consultant -Hewlett -Packard

My Journey from March’12 – Till Date with Dhrti. I enrolled as a yoga practitioner with Dhrti in early March’2012 and the journey started from there though i was not there for 3 months and i missed every bit of it. I must say i am so lucky to find such a perfectionist guru like […]

Smitha, Test Engineer, SAP LABS

Yoga has helped me a lot in my work. It helps me to keep my cool in any situation. Lately has helped me to think easily which i used to find a bit challenging. With respect to my life, Yoga has given me lot of mental strength and ability to stay composed. It has made […]

Vimal Nair, MindTree Ltd

“I have been practicing yoga for over a year now with Dhrti. From the initial and most common objective of weight loss, the yoga sessions has now transformed into a “getting to know me more” session. Satya has a very dedicated and connected way of conducting the session which helps each of the practitioners understand […]

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