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Experience in Adhika Masa – Mridula

|Hari Om || In this year’s Adhika Masa, I got the opportunity to chant Purushottama Yoga from Srimad Bhagavad Gita as well as read out and understand the meaning of the Shlokas. The commitment and discipline required of this activity was beneficial to me in many ways. It got me back to absorbing the content […]

I feel blessed to learn Yoga here – Radhika Bali, USA

Hari Om, I feel blessed to learn Yoga here. I am thankful that an authentic Yoga center with experienced teachers exists. My experience, though short for now, has been enriching, like a river meeting the sea. One can feel the aura of peace, warmth, humbleness, and respect upon joining the Dhrti Yoga family. Dhrti Yoga […]

Dhrti Online Yoga Experience – Saritha George

Hari Om! I too have similar experience as Neha Mataji. My relationship with Dhrti is 2 years old. I could  attend couple of months session in the beginning. Though I was unable to join you in the center, kept going with whatever learnt in this couple of months till COVID lockdown. And I am happy […]

My Yoga Journey – Neha Gahlot

I started yoga in 2016 at Dhriti center, I attended the sessions for a few months and due to some other reasons like relocation, personal commitments I stopped my practice. It was only when I moved to the US that I felt to take a class again. They say you don’t know what you have […]

Yoga Experience – Sowmya

Since quite long I had been looking for a holistic yoga centre and fortunately Dhrti Yoga came to my rescue. It is at Dhrti Yoga, I started experiencing the transformation that Yoga can bring into one’s life. Just after five months of sadhana at this centre, I am experiencing an unbelievable change in me. Whether […]

Dhrti Yoga Uniform

Why Uniform Matters to Me in My Yoga Practice – Saumya

Saumya, a Dhrti Yoga practitioner said , “The uniform is a humbling experience — since everyone in class wears the same outfit, I can’t see and crave for anyone’s slim waist. All that I get to observe is how beautifully the other is able to do her practice, and trying to emulate that to perfection.” […]

International Yoga Day 2020 celebration at Dhrti Yoga

International Day of Yoga, June 21, 2020 Celebrations

International Day of Yoga, June 21, 2020, celebrations with online Yoga sessions at Dhrti Yoga Center  On the occasion of the 6th IDY, happy yogis aspirants across the planet joined Dhrti Yoga Center’s online special yoga session. Based on the program received from the Bihar School of Yoga, there were three sessions: Morning Session: Yama […]

Dhrti Yoga online class testimonial

Online Yoga Sessions – Saumya’s personal experience

Dear All, Hari OM Tat Sat, Sharing with you what our student Saumya S feels with the online sessions that she has been taking with us. As you read through you too would experience her joy shining through her expressions. Thank you Saumya very beautifully written.