Pursue ‘Sri Rama’ as Real Treasure…

1 Fri, 21 August 2009, 14:30
Sri Rama is looked upon with awe for his exalted charm, and ideal characteristics that his very being emanates; we accept him as a divine being and approach his divinity for our needs, wants, security and happiness. Human beings are running from pillar to post in search of wealth. This is different for different beings – knowledge, money, power, position, Continue Reading...
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The Five Senses

1 Thu, 20 August 2009, 15:04
Know the Self as Lord of the chariot, the body as the chariot itself, the discriminating intellect as the charioteer, and the mind as the reins.   The senses, say the wise are the horses. Selfish desires are the roads they travel, Katha Upanishad The Upanishads say that your body is like a chariot drawn by five powerful horses, the five Continue Reading...
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Why do we need two nostrils to breathe?

0 Sat, 01 August 2009, 14:23
Nose has two nostrils – left and right and we use both to inhale and exhale. The right side represents the sun – Surya Nadi i.e. Pingala and the left side represents the Moon – Chandra Nadi i.e. Ida Right Nostril is masculine, strong, active, generating heat; gets heated up easily, whereas left nostril is Feminine, passive, cool.  The balance Continue Reading...
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Yoga for Back and Neck Pain

0 Fri, 17 July 2009, 16:42
Understand the back pain-Its one of the commonest pain most of us suffer some time or the other in our life.  Hence it is important to know the cause of it whether it’s a mechanical stress, psychological stress, poor posture, aging, lifestyle, nerve problem-sciatica, spondylosis or an injury-whiplash injury, disc related problems in the back or neck. Yoga helps you Continue Reading...
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The Limbs of Yoga

0 Wed, 08 July 2009, 08:19
As per Patanjali’s Astanga Yoga there are eight limbs or steps in the practice of Yoga: Yama Niyama Asana Pranayama Pratyahara Dharana Dhyana Samadhi There are 5 YAMAS – SOCIAL CODES: Ahimsa-Non Violent Satya-Truthfulness Asteya-Non Stealing Bhramacharya-Celibacy Aparigraha-Non Hoarding 5 NIYAMAS – PERSONAL CODES Saucha-Cleanliness Santosha- Contentment Tapas-Austerity Swadhyaya-Self Study Ishwarapranidhana- Remembering the higher power For a successful Yoga practice Continue Reading...
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Planning Right Meal

1 Fri, 03 July 2009, 10:58
Namaste Along with the yoga workout lets switch to new and simple things: Introduce Soya – its king of all fiber.  Let soya be in different forms like milk, bean, chunks, or granules 1 portion of soya flour can be mixed in 4 portions of wheat flour and can be used for rotis Check tofu Instead of paneer you can Continue Reading...
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Asana Practice

0 Wed, 01 July 2009, 10:30
How to achieve firmness along with relaxation? Prayatna Saithilya Ananta Samapatibhyam (II/47) Prayatna = effort; Saithily = loosen;  Ananta = infinite; Samapatibhyam = by fusing. (While maintaining the posture) Slacken the effort and attune to the ‘infinite’. In the present Sutra Patanjali gives us the technique of making the posture firm yet comfortable. What is that technique? How to achieve Continue Reading...
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Prenatal Yoga

0 Mon, 29 June 2009, 11:17
For many decades, various techniques have been available to assist a woman in preparing for the exciting event of birth.  Yoga has the most to offer amongst all these methods.  Yogic technique helps her become familiar with the muscles used in birthing.  There is also rapid recovery of muscle tone after the birth.  She enjoys the baby more as she Continue Reading...
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2 Sun, 21 June 2009, 15:47
We practice Brahmacharya when we consciously choose to use our life force (especially the energy of sexuality) to express our dharma, rather than to frivolously dissipate it in an endless pursuit of fleeting pleasures. Brahmacharya reminds us that our life force is both limited and precious, and sexual activity is one of the quickest ways to deplete it. As yogis, Continue Reading...
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Diet And Fitness

2 Sat, 13 June 2009, 09:12
Basic Elements of Good Diet are? What to eat When to eat How (often) to eat How much to eat WHAT TO EAT: Its an Old saying, “man becomes what he thinks” and Naturopathy defines, “man become what he eats”J Check the food you eat has carbohydrates and fibres, proteins, and fats STRIKE THE RIGHT BALANCE Eat from the four Continue Reading...
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