Yogic Journey with Dhrti Yoga Center

0 Fri, 17 April 2015, 11:35
46 years old, having spent a lot of time in the field of IT, Sitting before the computer (Laptop) for long hours, Starring at a Monitor (to take care of my Spondylitis) all day through, Bad posture causing Back pain, Sedentary lifestyle causing weight increase, hog when you get – gives a kind of feeling that you are gaining weight Continue Reading...
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Navaratri – The Nine days of Devi Worship

0 Wed, 15 April 2015, 15:25
Navaratri is one of the most ancient methods of recognizing the force, the Shakti, the power and wisdom of God. The nine day sadhana of Navaratri is an age-old practice of worshipping the cosmic nature, the Cosmic Mother. At Dhrti, we celebrate these nine days of navaratri with navaratri special sadhana. This Chaitra Navaratri , the Hatha Yoga practice had a Continue Reading...
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Recipe – Chiroti Recipe or Saata Puri

0 Wed, 25 March 2015, 16:15
We got to know how to make a very Delicious Sweet Chiroti also known as Saata Puri as Prasadam for Amavasya. You all must have tasted it. If not you missed it. Do try it at home. It takes some time to do this but the end product is just yum. Ingredients – For the dough Maida(all purpose flour) – 21/2 Continue Reading...
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Ritucharya for Months of Chaitra & Vaisakha

1 Mon, 23 March 2015, 22:04
Hari Om Tat Sat! Ritucharya has been a wonderful event with Vaidyo Narayana session conducted at our Dhrti yoga center given by the Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Sandhya Kumar on about May 22nd 2015 Sunday; I’ve been attending 2nd such session; I was glad that I was also part of this session along with fellow practitioners, got to know more about Continue Reading...
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A Day at Krishna’s Goloka

1 Wed, 18 March 2015, 22:41
They say “Cows and Krishna have always been together since eternity. In His original form in the spiritual world, Krishna is a cowherd boy in the agricultural community of Goloka” At Dhrti, all the yogis are striving to evolve spiritually by tuning our pranas with yogic practices and there is also the regular Bhagwad Gita Sessions & Krishna MahaMantra jaap Continue Reading...
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A journey of 1 year with Dhrti Yoga Center

0 Wed, 04 March 2015, 22:41
Jai Sri Krishna, Almost a year I joined Dhrti Yoga center and though I was irregular (completely my mistake), there are so many changes which happened in my life. Some changes which I can list are:- Gaining a little bit of self confidence. Analyzing where and what is going wrong and how to correct it Self realization Became emotionally strong. Continue Reading...
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Rawa Laddoos

0 Wed, 04 March 2015, 22:34
Hari OM, We have made it a point nowadays to make prasadam for poornima at the center. This way we get to know new recipes, we enjoy karma yoga, sharing and caring, unlike only single person ending up doing all the work. Last time we made paneer peta laddoo which was a big hit. Today we tried out rava laddoo Continue Reading...
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My One Year Yoga Journey at Dhrti Yoga Center

0 Fri, 20 February 2015, 16:07
Hari Om ! I just thought of sharing my experience and take away for last one year at Dhrti Yoga Center. It is exactly a year back I had joined the center. My main intention was my health concerns due to which there was weight gain, and ever since then I started working on it, I have seen the difference. Continue Reading...
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Workshop on Go Vigyaan 1st-Feb-2015

0 Wed, 04 February 2015, 13:49
Hari OM, We had  very informative session on  GoVigyan by Sannyasi Devenandji of Atmadarshan Yogashram at Dhrti Yoga Center.  We started the session by chanting the Mrityunjaya Mantra and the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra. The key highlights of the session were: 1) Servicing 5 types of mothers: Janani, Go-mata, bhu-mata, Ganga-mata, Veda-mata 2) Difference between types of cow and how Continue Reading...
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