Blessed yogis, Namaste,

Arjuna asks for ‘SREYAS’-the highest to be achieved and Krishna imparted the same to him. Naturally the highest cannot be a common knowledge and to comprehend it one requires patience, intelligence, sraddha (faith) and concentration or focused effort. If these qualities are developed relentlessly the subject matter will shine in one’s understanding like a clear crystal.

We thank all those jignaasus (spiritual seekers) who have been participating sincerely from past three weeks. The last Saturday, November 23rd was even more special and interesting as the actual verses were explained, beginning with 1st chapter first 3 verses, which many of you really missed.

The classes were conducted by new and dynamic devotee couple namely Srinivas ji & Renu ji (let’s address them as prabhuji & mataji as per ISKCON tradition) and going forward also they would only take up this sacred task.

Prabhuji made the session easy for all of us, nevertheless kirtan with mridangam n kartals and the maha mantra chants 108 keep the fire on….adding to it stories from Bhagavatam are the essence of the Jnana Yoga Session.

We sincerely look forward for all the practitioners attending the sessions every Saturday irrespective whether you get a mail or not, and seek blessings of the Lord. If there is a change in the plan we would post you well in advance.

Kindly note that, the coming Saturday, November 30th, we would have NO GITA SESSION at our center as there is JAGANAATH HABBA (YATRA FEST) happening on the day. All those who are keen in participating for the RATH YATRA may join in for the same; place, Padmanabnagar, Banshankari; Saturday, 4 pm to 9 pm.

Hari OM Tat Sat


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