Aruna Vasudev, home maker

“I am practicing yoga from couple of years and consider myself very lucky to educate myself under able guidance of Satya, who is truly service oriented. I can feel lot of changes in my body and mind. I have learnt the practices in depth – the physiological, the psychological benefits of it. It’s a pure science and very interesting. I like the positive approach in me now through support of my teacher and want to make the best use of yoga. Wishing her all the very best”. Tapati Dutta Gupta, senior citizen, 60 years

“Attending yoga classes makes a feel relax with a deep peace in mind and I have overcome my back pain and neck pain, though I still have some joint pain. Satya, is taking great care of me as I am diabetic also. She is caring and loving. Through her classes I have been benefitted in many ways. I met wonderful people in my batch and feel good exchanging good thoughts and getting new information everyday. This yoga class contains a very friendly and cooperative atmosphere. Tapati is now traveling to different places, London, Pune, Calcutta and spreading the goodness of Yoga in many ways.

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