Are You Balancing The Two Forces Well?

Namaste Yogis,

In Yoga, we unite two energy forces in the body, the pranic energy and the mental energy. This flows in you in form of your breath through your nostrils, right and left nostrils – know is pingala and ida.

Now its important to know what are the major obstacles that would create imbalance in these energies, as  a result you would not end up bunking your sessions.

1. overeating – makes body sluggish which leads to toxins…so whatever you do you will be only busy spending time removing toxins and progression would slow down. Next time you eat check how much are you eating (palm size only)

2. overexerting or straining the body and mind which tires you out – exhausted you are unable to move ahead with your routine practice.

3. social situations, irrelevant discussions, association with people with base consciousness, sensuous desires, gossiping with people who have low morale – is low mind job distracting you to lift your energies up.

4. unsteadiness leading to wavering will power. One day you get up at enthusiastically and come for session and the next day you laze till 8, inconsistency and irregularity in lifestyle leads to further imbalance.

So activities which are useless, time-consuming, energy depleting just avoid it – rather channelize all your desires and actions into higher ventures, get enthusiastic about life and the task you undertake.

Let every day be the like your first day of your practice. This leads to perseverance so comes rain, hail, or shine you are firm in your practice. A sadhana done regularly helps navigate stormy situation of life with  courage and perseverance.

So how regular are you?

Hari OM Tat Sat

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