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My Journey from March’12 – Till Date with Dhrti.

I enrolled as a yoga practitioner with Dhrti in early March’2012 and the journey started from there though i was not there for 3 months and i missed every bit of it. I must say i am so lucky to find such a perfectionist guru like Satya and center like Dhrti where you not only learn the Yogasanas but all the basic things to be followed along with it .

Every day u get to learn something or the other interesting and thats why I involve myself so deep into the practice that when I finish my session i always look forward to learn something new the other day . I have realized, I began Yoga thinking it is necessary to be healthy, but then I realized how deep it can take you, you yourself start loving when you discover doing what feels Impossible.

At Dhrti you find a holistic approach towards yoga not just for the sake of doing it but for your inner satisfaction of both your body and soul.

I do not regret to say that why do we need to go to temple when you have such a Holy place to be in like Dhrti, I worship the place where I learn and there cannot be a better guru other than Satya , so a sincere thanks for driving this so well.

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