Hari OM,
My experience at Dhrti yoga is very good. I progressed as a yoga practitioner and also grown as a yoga teacher. Had a very good learning experience as a yoga practitioner and as a Bala yoga teacher.
I am happy that I had an opportunity to attend both of your classes. I learnt many new aspects of yoga. Gradually after few months I begin to progress in my asanas. Now I am able to perform Ustrasana, Chakrasana build up as my body became more flexible. I also learnt Aditya Hridayam , Chandra Namaskara and kriyas.
As a Bala Yoga teacher. I was confident in teaching children as I have been doing it for the last few months . But this was the first time I planned with the guidance of Satya mataji and taught for a group. The classes went well in-spite of  changes in the plan. There are different kinds of children in the same class. My learning was that, I should not plan too many things in one and half hour class but to focus on few things and deliver them in a proper way. Most of the children were curious. I use to become very thoughtful when they ask few questions which I could not even have imagined that they can ask. Also admire and learnt a lot from the way mataji has taught children in between by inculcating good habits, manners, discipline, and right attitude.
This is the place where I could learn and teach at the same time. These moments at Dhrti Yoga will be cherished. I am grateful to god that my purpose of stay in Bangalore for the last few months has been fruitful. I hope this experience will help me to relate well in my higher studies which I am yet to take up.
Thank you.

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