Ajay, Computer Science Corporation

This is a good initiative thought to let us tell what we feel. I had this in my mind for a while to express how the changes have occurred in me and now I have the chance.

It’s been a journey of seven months. And the passion that Satya have for yoga has rubbed on me so much so that I have started to be more focus and regular. Yoga has brought about that attitude in me which was hidden in me for time sometime. Like, the way we see life. With god’s grace I have been bestowed with healthy body, but was lazy to make use of it in an optimum way. So to say now my mind is alert, active and positive all the time which in turn has good affect on my physical strength. I feel AWESOME!!

My intentions were to feel active and healthy more so from inside. The practices and the lessons (read them as yoga pose) taught has been mind blowing!!! LET ME GIVE OUT SECRETE IN SHORT. “I joined to find out what yoga is all about and found the real meaning which is to know yourself better, to feel happier, to be positive always, to be cheerful, to be nice and live a healthy and good life!! I say it’s been a blessing……..

God bless you Satya.

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