TTK Solution and Laghoo ShankaPrakshalana(LSP)

LSP- short intestinal wash

About the technique
A technique to cleanse your large intestine (colon) and promote good bowel movement and flush out accumulated toxins and wastes in the bowel.
* Helps in weight loss by flushing out accumulated wastes when done regularly.

*Improves the quality of life thus keeping the body away from numerous disorders.
Wake up early in the morning, preferably on a weekend. On empty stomach and only if you feel good on that given day, go ahead, make sure the weather is good preferably when its warm and sunny avoid during rainy or extreme cold seasons.
The procedure goes as described below.

Prepare 1 liter of warm water with 2 teaspoons of salt. The water should be warm; also, it should be salty to taste. The temperature and salinity should be adequate for the procedure to work. (Salt takes care of the osmotic process in the system and warm water cleanses the intestine – washing machine yoga)

Action A) Drink 2 glasses of warm saline water

Action B) Perform ten rounds each of the following 5 asanas.
1) Tadasana (palm tree pose) 2) Tiryaka Tadasana (swaying palm tree pose-side bends in Tadasana) 3) Kati Chakrasana(upper body twists)  4) Tiryaka Bhujangasana (twisting cobra) 5) Udarkara Shanasana (squatted upper body twists)

Perform three iterations of A followed by B i.e. (ABABAB). If you are still feeling good, you may go for one more iteration. You will soon start feeling movements in your bowels and when you have to, empty them. You will most likely have to spend quite sometime in the restroom, so keep yourself free for this time. After an hour or so after having cleaned your bowels multiple times, the urge subsides. Relax and go into shavasana. You may eat after half hour a special food kichadi which will reline the walls of intestine.
* Waking up early in the morning is ideal. The best results are obtained by performing the procedure earlier to any bowel movements.

* Sometimes, it takes half hour or more after the procedure for the bowel movements to start, this is normal. Even after an hour if nothing is observed (rare cases), just eat little kichadi. It will act as a trigger.

* The best thing is to do this on Saturday and have a light diet for real good effect (fruits, juices etc) and stay calm and composed for weekends.

* Severely constipated or have irritable bowel syndrome can do it at least once a fortnight and at the most once a week, the shorter version that is TTK solution.

*Heart related issues, high or low BP, severe back ache, pregnant woman please avoid the practice.


Prepare one liter warm salted water.  Perform the first three asanas in the series given below.

1) Tadasana – Palm Tree

2) Tiryaka Tadasana – Swaying Palm Tree

3) Kati Chakrasana – Waist Rotating Pose

Drink two glasses of prepared water and practice Tadasana 10 times.

Quickly drink next two glasses of prepared water and practice Tiryaka Tadasana 10 times.

Again quickly drink last two glasses of prepared water and practice Kati Chakrasana 10 times.

Go to the toilet but do not strain, whether there is any movement or not. If there is no motion immediately, it will come later.

About the asanas, how they help and what they do?

The asanas done in TTK solution or in LSP activate the intestinal peristalsis and enhance the cleansing process.

When perform in the sequence mentioned they progressively open all the valves right from the stomach, intestine, and finally the sphincter muscle.

Taadasana – Palm Tree: Acts mainly on the stomach and stretches the colon.

Tiryaka Taadasana – Swaying Palm Tree: acts on the small intestine and colon.

Kati Chakrasana – Waist Rotating Pose: Massage the small intestine.

Tiryaka Bhujangasana – Twisting Cobra Pose and Udarakarshanasana – Abdominal Stretch Pose: Squeeze and massage the caecum, sigmoid colon, and rectum and also stimulate the urge to defecate.

Hari OM,


(Power Yoga Practitioner, Dhrti Yoga)

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