A simple Lifestyle

A simple lifestyle promotes good health in the longer run.

I would like to share some simple but very important facts: 

In your daily life activities ensure you are regular and well balanced and have time for mental and physical activities. Plan your day so that you have time for both work and family.

As a result you will live your day in moderation.

We all know the importance of chanting mantras on awakening and the effect of the same to enhance the sattwa (positive) aspect of our personality.  Similarly winding the day with prayers and resolve, helps in erasing the impressions of the day and allowing the mind to calm down.

Living in the present moment; viz while doing asanas your deep involvement, getting connected with the feelings, and enjoying every moment of practice.

Similarly extend your awareness in your daily life, living every moment.

Recreation and relaxation, we need to understand what real recreation- it is spontaneous relaxation and allows us to expand our joy and awareness.

Living naturally, our energy system is directly related with the movements of sun.  Living in harmony with nature helps the body to function appropriately.

Ayurveda describes three rhythms to be in harmony with nature: Dinacharya, cycle from sunrise to sunset; Ritucharya, cycle of changing seasons; Jeevancharya, the life cycle of birth, growth, death. Thus it is important to do appropriate activities at right time.

Spending time with nature is very benficial.

Hari OM

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