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Anupama, Bangalore

Hari Om Guruji and Mataji!! Yoga is very close to my heart and my quest of around 7-8 years for the best teacher of yoga ended at Dhrti Yoga. My husband had attended offline class two years ago and found the method of instruction very authentic and traditional and he sweared by Dhrti YogađŸ™đŸ» However, […]

Sindhu, Bangalore

Hearty Congratulations to Manutattawa Prabhji and Satvinder Mataji on being able to successfully conduct and complete a year of online yoga sessions! This has been a great blessing for my Mother and I who have been part of the Dhrti family since early this year. Though I have previously practiced ‘physical’ yoga before (part of […]

Himaja USA

Online classes with Dhrti have helped us practice yoga consistently for the past two months. We’ve observed that the goodness of the practice naturally flows into our everyday lives and improves the quality of our experiences.

Samarth, USA

Hari om thatsath. It’s just been just over a month now. Online yoga has been a blessing in disguise for me. I joined the class with a goal improving flexibility and overall health. This class is so much different from other online class I have taken in the past.  The progression is so well designed […]

Neha G, USA

How Yoga has helped me in this last year 1) The first thing that comes in my mind is that I have stopped fighting with my husband( of course nothing serious) 🙂 but unnecessary fights – unnecessary negativity that ruins your day..and i think that has stopped from last one year. 2) my attitude has […]

Balagurunathan, Bangalore

Hari Om mataji, During this pandemic, the journey of yoga didn’t get stopped due to online session. Missing a class makes me feel guilty. I am trying to apply teachings in my day-to-day life. I still make mistakes. But I am able to analyse and identify the cause. This helps me to not to repeat […]

Reshma, Bangalore

Hari om Mataji, I look forward for my evening classes, yoga has given more confidence and positivity. Thought process is clearer than before. It feels like a journey that is gradually making me listen to my inner self.

Shailaja, Bangalore

Hari om Mathaji,  on line yoga gave us lot of positive  energy ,during  this crisis period. It helped to boost immunity. Weekly havan session of Satsung showed  Bhakti path for us.

Geetha Abhitej, Andhra Pradesh

Hari om I was able to clearly see the god’s grace as he made me join the yoga classes. After joining dhriti, I myself  observed so many changes in my life like meditating daily, ajapa japa which is soo nice and yoga nidra . Yoga nidra is the beautiful gift which sooths the mind body […]

Chandrashekar, Bangalore

Yoga has helped me in the following ways: Provided the much needed positivity and energy during the pandemic. The asanas has increased my flexibility and strength. It actually has created mental clarity and calmness. Now I don’t get into unnecessary arguments and my mind doesn’t think about unnecessary negative things. I can feel that yoga […]