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Radhika Bali, USA

Hari Om, I feel blessed to learn Yoga here. I am thankful that an authentic Yoga center with experienced teachers exists. My experience, though short for now, has been enriching, like a river meeting the sea. One can feel the aura of peace, warmth, humbleness, and respect upon joining the Dhrti Yoga family. Dhrti Yoga […]

Saritha George

My relationship with Dhrti is 2 years old. I could  attend couple of months session in the beginning. Though I was unable to join you in the center, kept going with whatever learnt in this couple of months till COVID lockdown. And I am happy that I am back on this online platform. Whatever is […]

Neha Gahlot Online Yoga

1)Teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone is very friendly and you experience a warmth when you’re around them. They help you out with any kind of concerns you have. 2)Here you learn a lot of new things every day, for example, you learn about Yamas: Mana Prasad and Kshama, Niyamas: Japa and Namaskara, Shatkarmas: […]

Sowmya – Yoga Experience

Since quite long I had been looking for a holistic yoga centre and fortunately Dhrti Yoga came to my rescue. It is at Dhrti Yoga, I started experiencing the transformation that Yoga can bring into one’s life. Just after five months of sadhana at this centre, I am experiencing an unbelievable change in me. Whether […]

Balagurunathan, 5 pm session

Hari Om, It is a day full of yoga which is a first time experience. The practices help to develop positivity within us and around us which is also the message from Swamiji. Thanks for making this day a memorable one.

Dr. Ashwini

Hari Om. The afternoon and evening practice today were very quietening and calming. Swan analysis and sameeksha prompted contemplation. Ajapajapa practice was wonderful. Thank you very much.

Kritika 7 am, session

Hari Om. Thank you for all the wonderful practices you’ve guided us with over the years (and today). Everyday should be yoga day for us! I am truly blessed to have Guruji and You as my teacher. My heartfelt gratitude and respect to both of you. Thank you.

Bindu Jagarapu

Hari OM, I went to Dhrti with full of uncertainties but after a week of practice of Yoga, felt so good with physical as well as mental happiness. Mataji and Prabhuji have their unique way of addressing our well being. Mataji has the aura of making us listen to the best practices, to get inclined […]


It has been an amazing experience. I got better at the aasanas and the discipline, patience ad endurance required to do it. The trainers are very helpful and patient. They also give you individual attention and your progress is closely validated and observed. Best place to go for beginners

Shiny Manual

I have taken classes at other yoga centre’s in Bangalore but this place definitely stands out from all the rest of the places. The way of teaching is very traditional, it’s not just yoga that you learn here it’s a kind of living discipline that you will take back from your class. Guruji is very […]