Sudha, Bangalore

Hari Om, I am associated with Dhrti for the past 4 years. I thought it is difficult to join morning weekday batch as I have to keep breakfast ready at 8.15am (my kids online class starts at 8.30am). So me and my husband joined weekend batch. Days passed and I started to think that I am doing only household work and I am not able to think anything more than household work. I am also not learning anything. Later I made a sankalpa to practice Yoga regularly along with my daily responsibilities. I joined the weekday batch. This thought also came based on my earlier weekday classes. After joining the weekday class I felt good, by doing my Asanas and also was able to complete 108 SN during Rathasapthami. As a member of the Bakthi Yoga (Sadhana Mandali group) we learnt and recited multiple slokhas which also helped to build mental strength. I enjoyed a lot chanting the slokhas. During Navarathri, we did Devi Mahatmayam at 5.30am for 7 days. It was a wonderful experience . Online class helped me to connect with Dhrti and with my Yoga friends. Pranams to Prabhuji and Mataji.