Sowmya – Yoga Experience

Since quite long I had been looking for a holistic yoga centre and fortunately Dhrti Yoga came to my rescue. It is at Dhrti Yoga, I started experiencing the transformation that Yoga can bring into one’s life.

Just after five months of sadhana at this centre, I am experiencing an unbelievable change in me. Whether it is stress management or controlling anger I am experiencing the magical power of yoga. Kuldeep Prabhuji teaches very holistically and gives personal attention to everyone. Each session is the combination of asanas, mantra chanting and small life lessons which fills me with positive vibes.

Overall, I am more mindful, physically energetic, and relaxed. Yoga also helped me to manage day to day irritations that bothered me earlier and hindered my advancement in professional and personal life.

Apart from yoga classes, spiritual session on every Saturday by Satya Mataji and Manutattwa Prabhuji are very soothing for me and helped me to attain inner peace.

I am convinced my life has changed for ever for good. No wonder inspired by changes in me my spouse also joined Dhrti.

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