Sindhu, Bangalore

Hearty Congratulations to Manutattawa Prabhji and Satvinder Mataji on being able to successfully conduct and complete a year of online yoga sessions!

This has been a great blessing for my Mother and I who have been part of the Dhrti family since early this year. Though I have previously practiced ‘physical’ yoga before (part of the weekly quota of the yoga sessions offered at the gym I use to ‘work-out’ at), I have re-learnt what yoga means and I feel very grateful that I get to understand and challenge myself on the mat during both the on-line classes and during self-practice which Prabhuji reminds us of every single morning. In my short journey of 10 weeks with Dhrti, I have pleasantly surprised myself by my attempts to practice the Vajra asana, Chandra Namaskar, extended rounds of Surya Namaskar during Rathasapthami, bettering my timing with Nadi Shodhana and reciting the Aditya Hrydayam Stotram.

With noticing the level of patience that Prabhuji demonstrates in class, within 3 weeks of joining classes, I requested my 62-year-old Mother to try it as well. For someone who had no prior experience practicing Yoga, she was initially hesitant, but I assured her that it will greatly benefit her – specially the issues that she had with her knees and lower back. Within a few weeks of Prabhuji’s classes and Mataji’s guidance – she was able to see the difference (which many years of medication has not been able to resolve) in her flexibility and how simple it was to incorporate it as a part of her daily routine. I think the cherry on the cake was when her friends and sisters complimented her on her very glowing skin (Thanks to Nadi Shodhan Pranayama!) – which has now turned her into a yoga-enthusiast. I am also very grateful that through these online classes, my Mother and I now share a common interest (other than family gossip!) and have a platform to be able to connect and experience the weekly classes together.

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