Sanjana V, Bangalore

People say that you will not experience the positive sides of anything in life unless and until you try it. Yoga is one such thing for me. It has helped me to believe in myself & i am sure that i can reach the light to my tunnel. It has only been 3 months but everything seems so different. My energy power has boosted up. Each yoga asana has its own power. The motivation that each asana gives is my ticket to attend class regularly. It makes you feel so fresh & energized. A big thank you to all my gurus.

A personal experience to express from my side is, that if i succeed in completing an asana i must go and show it everyone in my family. Congratulations & a Happy 1 year to  the wonderful organization & i will try my best to share Dhriti Yoga to many people so that they can achieve greater heights & avhieve their goals.

Hari Om!