Sanjana, USA

When we started with Mohanji at first, I was a little worried as I was not very flexible and I was very busy with school. At that time, I could not comfortably bend down and reach my toes. However, as I continued with my mom and sister, I realized that yoga was not only about flexibility. Mohanji was very insistent on teaching us all the mantras. I enjoyed watching  how excited my sister was memorizing these mantras. Everyday, I learned something new about my culture.

Then, we switched to Satvinderji’s class and I again was worried as I had heard the intensity was much more. The task of 108 Surya Namaskarams was very daunting, but I was thrilled when I was able to do 50 in a row (which I never thought I would be able to do). Prior to this, 12 Surya Namaskarams seemed hard but now it is so much easier. The new challenge now is Shirsasana, another task I never imagined doing. My grandfather used to be an expert at it and I remember being so impressed by him. Now, I get to do the same and that is very exciting.

In this past year, practicing yoga has allowed me to grow both physically and mentally. I have become much more aware of my body, breath, and mind. While I am still working on my flexibility, I am able to see the improvement I’ve made so far, like being able to reach my toes without warming up. Coming to yoga practice is a cherished time to relax, take care of myself and connect to my roots. Through this pandemic, yoga has been a true blessing and we would not have started without the shift to a virtual world. I truly appreciate having this opportunity and having yoga be a lifelong lesson. I am very inspired by the commitment and dedication of Satvinderji and Mohanji and the belief and support you have given me. Thank you Satvinderji and Mohanji!