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1)Teachers are very knowledgeable and helpful. Everyone is very friendly and you experience a warmth when you’re around them. They help you out with any kind of concerns you have.

2)Here you learn a lot of new things every day, for example, you learn about Yamas: Mana Prasad and Kshama, Niyamas: Japa and Namaskara, Shatkarmas: cleansing techniques, different variations of Yoga Nidra, the importance of different mantra’s that are chanted on different occasions. You also learn the spiritual side of yoga that certainly helps in deepening our faith and hence every class is very refreshing and different. This is a perfect place if you want to learn traditional authentic yoga.

3)Discipline is one of the important factors when it comes to yoga, we have a uniform at the center that not just promotes discipline but also helps in focusing on our abayas. No time wasted on deciding what to wear.

4)There are many business-minded centers with a passion for yoga, But Dhriti is not about making money.
Just to put it in simple words – when I joined the classes again after 4 years, to my surprise there was no change in the fee structure.

Lastly, I’m very thankful for all the guidance, help, and support received from Prabhu Ji’s and Mataji Ji.

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