Krithika, Bangalore

Hari Om. I started my journey with Dhriti Yoga a little over 18 months ago. The experience has been incredible, to say the least.

The last one year has been challenging in many ways, but the online yoga practices helped me stay grounded and gave me a chance to turn truly inwards. One can easily become complacent with practices at home, but the sincerity of the Gurus and the energy of the class motivated me stay determined and focused. Thanks to the daily practices, I am now able to do asanas which I couldn’t even think of attempting a year ago. Still a long way to go! I feel more spiritually connected now.

My sincere gratitude to Mataaji and Prabhuji – you’ve been there for us everyday like parents. And my gratitude to the greater Gurus for the blessings. 🙏🙏