Geetha Abhitej, Andhra Pradesh

Hari om

I was able to clearly see the god’s grace as he made me join the yoga classes. After joining dhriti, I myself  observed so many changes in my life like meditating daily, ajapa japa which is soo nice and yoga nidra . Yoga nidra is the beautiful gift which sooths the mind body and feel like flying in joy. My food pattern,timings everything is modified which made me active, healthy, happy. And so many such gifts keep on coming that makes me attend classes regularly.

Mataji is soo cheerful and I feel  very happy and active after the session. Even the tough asanas could be attained so easily under her guidance, they help to handle our personal things smoothly. My body and mind became more flexible.  They take utmost care like their kid, I’m happy to be part of dhriti family.