Bhavana 7 am batch, Delhi

Hari Om Guruji n Mataji,

Happy to share my journey of these 9month.. it’s been an apt platform of enhancing our overall Sadhna..since have been spiritually inclined so always seek to get involved in physical and mental upliftment through Yog..a.. Yog means to get connected with the Almighty and what would be more beautiful to start our Sadhna by offering our prayers and seeking strength and then dedicating all to the One Lord🙏🏻.. however Would still confess that We couldn’t do justice to our self practise and but commit our presence for the guided ones.. 🙏🏻

This has helped to improve on my mental focus and has increased the flexibility and strength to my muscles..

Om Tat Sat🙏🏻🙏🏻