Arun Babu, Bangalore

Hari OM Mataji & Guruji … 🙏,

It has been an amazing journey so far, and very fruitful to me. After the lockdown due to COVID, my mobility of going around drastically reduced to very low as less as 1000 steps per day, due to which, few health related problems started off, with Vitamins levels going down, constipation, sleep disorder, and disturbed mind. I use to go to Gym, and was not able to adopt that routine at home. That’s when I decided to learn Yoga Vidya, even though I know that it would take a while for me to have flexibility. Since the time I joined, till now, I am seeing lot of improvement in my daily routine, starting from sitting down in floor for having lunch in cross-legged, having focused mind, Vitamin levels have improved, have adopted discipline lifestyle, and many more benefits …


All credit goes to the humble teachers, and it’s my blessings to have Yoga Vidya learning day after day … 🙏