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Hari Om Guruji and Mataji!!

Yoga is very close to my heart and my quest of around 7-8 years for the best teacher of yoga ended at Dhrti Yoga. My husband had attended offline class two years ago and found the method of instruction very authentic and traditional and he sweared by Dhrti Yoga🙏🏻 However, he had to discontinue and after a gap enquired if it’s conducted online and was thrilled that it is…he jumped at the opportunity and joined and I followed. For me, the joy I felt just listening to Guruji’s words is indescribable!! The spiritual instruction/ statements would immediately impress the mind. The instruction is always crystal clear and there is no need for Guruji to show any asana, just follow what Guruji is saying. As far as observing students is concerned, I am awestruck, we would not be aware of our own asana with our video on, Guruji can correctly point out where improvement is required and lo..with so many students practising!!! Mataji is very sweet and extremely agile in her talks too, meaning she says so many meaningful things so quickly, that if we pause and think, we miss her next sentence. We are very very thankful to have found you both Guruji and Mataji and our quest really ends here. We have to only to go onwards and upwards from here in this yoga sadhana with your blessings. Most grateful to Guruji and Mataji 🙏🏻🌸 Hari Om

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