Amruta Allada

“The teachers are strict, yet humble, and caring. Best place to learn yoga for all age groups. Personal attention is given to everyone even though we are in a group. My experience at Dhrti yoga is very good. I progressed as a yoga practitioner and also grown as a yoga teacher. Had a very good learning experience as a yoga practitioner and as a Bala Yoga teacher. I am happy that I had an opportunity to attend both Mataji and Prabhuji’s classes. I learnt many new aspects of yoga. Gradually after few months I begin to progress in my asanas. Now I am able to perform Ustrasana, Chakrasana build up as my body became more flexible. I also learnt Aditya Hridayam , Chandra Namaskar and kriyas. Also admire and learnt a lot from the way mataji has taught children in between by inculcating good habits, manners, discipline and right attitude.