Abhitej, AP

One of the best things happened to me during this lockdown and Pandemic season is Dhrti Yoga Continuation Program online . It’s one year now and I can do asanas with awareness and I cannot believe that I can do many difficult asanas that I felt that I cannot do earlier. I should thank Satya Mataji for this . Pranayama , my stress buster and solution to many day to day challenges we face . It gives immense relief and a feel of JOY. I realized Yoga is a magical wonder that anyone can achieve through deligent practise under guidance of sincere teachers . Yoga Nidra , it’s a sanjeevini for me 😊🙏. Cannot say more than that. Food , am being cautious about what am eating and how. This will keep our body free and active . While eating junk and thinking thrice and deciding . That awareness I have obtained through understanding practical yoga . Thanks for the great guidance Mataji.