Abhinaya, Bangalore

Hari Om Mataji 🙏 I joined online class around May 20th, 2020. Before lockdown I was attending Prabhuji’s class at BTM. When lockdown started i couldn’t join online class immediately, in some days I started getting inflammation on joints due to Rheumatoid Arthritis. I started doing practices which Prabhuji taught. Later, on May shifted to home and started online class. Pain on wrist, back pain and sometimes knee pain were stopping me from doing difficult asanas. But still Mataji, you were supporting and teaching simple asanas to recover. Initially I felt sad that I couldn’t do certain asanas like arm balance, Sirasasana. But then realised that each individual is different. I loved the meditations and ajaba jaba, Jyoti tratak, which made me to concentrate and improve myself. The visuals and the way my body feel, I am loving it😊 I feel very active after doing asanas and its helping me in my work and studies as well. From last month my medicine dosage has been reduced. In upcoming months Doctor will reduce medicines slowly. Inflammations has been reduced and I am trying out Arm balance and unsupported Sirasasana, hope I could achieve that in a few weeks. I couldn’t attend some classes now a days due to unavoidable circumstances. I will reduce the frequency of skipping classes in upcoming days.😊 I love the way my body responds now and the vibrations i get while doing Tratak and Sadhana are Amazing. Thanks a lot Mataji for the Wonderful classes and the attention you are giving to each one of us and making us to do in the correct way. The guidance and instructions which you give us are really good.
Thanks to Sathya and Manutatwa Gurus🙏