84000 cycles, 84000 Asanas, 84 basic asanas…….

Hari OM,

Among thousands of yogasanas, there are 84 basic asanas. Definitely there is certain significance to the numbers 84, Right?

For the during the seventh week of Surya Namaskara Yagna, as the practitioners reached the 84th round, they started to feel the chakras being activated and upsurge of prana shakti flowing through the nadis. All grace was showered on the fortunate ones for the auspicious time of Makara Sankranthi is on and the Sun moving from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana.

This remind us that everything that we are, is what we take from this planet. WELL, ARE WE ONLY TAKING? Come on yogis! Let us also offer, as simple as 12 rounds of SN. Am sure you all can offer that much to our dear Lord Sun on his Birthday – 26th January 2015.

So lets join together to humbly offer, this will teach you one thing – How to receive with grace……..:-)


Surya Namaskara Yagna 7th Week

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