Garland of Yoga

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🖋1st DON’T
Don’t talk too much.

🖋2nd DON’T
Don’t laugh too much.

Too much of laughter is another channel through which energy is wasted. A man who always bursts into laughter cannot influence people. Serenity, seriousness and magnanimity (Gambhirya) are necessary if you want to impress and influence people.

Idel People, who sit in wayside and public inns, laugh like wild jungle people without rhyme or reason. The laughter of a spiritual man is of quite a different nature. It has a sense of awe and grandeur. It produces a thrill and joy in others. But, the laughter of these
idlers is disgusting and heart-rending. Note the difference carefully! Try to be serious; laugh and smile occasionally. But do not attempt to put on the Sunday faces of a clergyman. Be quite natural. Meditation on Atman, development of virtuous qualities, practice of mercy, Ahimsa and truthfulness, will naturally manifest an air of grandeur and awe by itself. you need not assume or put on anything unnaturally. Hypocrisy (pretending to be something that you are really not) is the most dangerous and heinous crime. It is most detestable. A Jnani laughs and smiles through his eyes. It is only a foolish man that bursts into laughter. The smile and laughter through the eyes influence people tremendously. No energy leaks if you smile through the eyes. This may be a new thing for you. It belongs to a spiritual man. You will have to cultivate this wonderful quality.

Hari OM Tat Sat

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