Year: 2018


Sanchala Reddy – 5:45 pm, A teacher, “If you are looking for health and peace then Dhrithi is the place. The gurus here are very dedicated. Yoga has become commercial these days but it is not that way here. Apart from the regular practice sessions they have many other events like celebrating festivals, social Seva […]

Rama Naama Aradhana

Hari OM, With Rama Navami soon approaching, here at Dhrti Yoga Samskriti Center, this whole month would be dedicated to Sri Ram Naam Aradhana. Starting from Monday 2 March till Rama Navami your family members & you are most welcome to join the Katha, Kirtan & Satsang at morning 9:30 to 10:00 am. Hari OM […]

Sankalpa Workshop December 8 & 9, 2018

Hari OM, The 2-day Sankalpa workshop organised at Dhrti Yoga Samskruti Center conducted by Sn. Sidhatmanandaji, on December 8 & 9, 2018, was very well received by 18 members who experienced a unique journey, understanding the characteristics of mind, how to change the quality and the expression of the mind, which is possible through Sankalpa […]

Shiv Shankar

best place to learn yoga, staff well experienced, courteous, and caring, everything happens on time, best results and value return for your efforts here.

Kartigai Deepam

ON THE full moon day of the month of Kartigai (November-December) which falls on the ascension of the Kritigai star, the Hindus celebrate the Kartigai Deepam. It is on this day that the huge beacon is lit on the holy hill Arunachala, in South India. Once Lord Shiva assumed the form of a hill at […]

Prakash Purab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, 23 November 2018

Guru Nanak By Sri Swami Sivananda Birth Whenever there is a big catastrophe in the land, whenever there is decline of righteousness, whenever there are oppression and chaos in the land, whenever the faith of the people in God wanes, great men or saints appear, from time to time, to enrich sacred literature, to protect […]

Kartik Damodar Month 24 october to 23 November 2018

Karthik Damodar Month, also known as the festival of lights, was celebrated in the month of Kartika (October – November) at Dhrti Yoga Center. This was month-long Deepotsav of Lord Damodara and listening to his lilas –  pastimes of Bala Gopala. Ghee lamps were offered every day to Lord Damodar by morning and evening students, […]

Sahana Bhatt

This center is just not about yoga.. its about bringing peace of mind, leading a healthy life with all the cleansing and it also helps in building principles and values in life which is very essential. This center also celebrates festival in traditional way which is long forgotten.

Bal Diwas 14 November

Education of the Child Swami Sivananda If a child is trained properly from the very beginning, then you will have very few problems later on. You will have very few occasions to chastise the child. Only good samskaras should be implanted in the child, since it learns to talk early on. When the child is […]