Month: November 2016

Sadhana Tattva

HEALTH CULTURE 2nd Avoid spicy and hot foods, like chilies, garlic, onions, tamarind, etc., as far as possible. Give up tea, coffee, smoking, betels, meat and wine entirely ❌☕🍷🍶🍾❌

Sadhana Tattva

HEALTH CULTURE 1st Eat moderately. Take light and simple food. Offer it to God before you eat. Have a balanced diet.

Sadhana Tattva or Science of Seven Cultures

. 🙏🏻Hari Om🙏🏻 Our next readings is Sadhana tattva or Science of Seven Cultures For quick evolution of the Human being The written work of Sri Swami Sivananda Maharaj. The term sadhana-tattva means “the truth about spiritual practice”. Content of this reading is 32 RESOLVES under the following tittles 1.HEALTH CULTURE 2.ENERGY CULTURE 3.ETHICAL CULTURE […]

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