Month: February 2016

Sishir Ritu Feb 6th, 2016

Hari Om, Here is brief summary of the session conducted by Dr.Sandhya Kumar on 06.02.2016 at Dhrti Yoga Centre at 8am – 9.30 am Duration : Mid Jan to Mid March Currently we are experiencing Shishira ritu. Sun just coming out of it’s Southern cycle(Dakshinayana) and moving into the Northern cycle (Uttarayana) due to which […]

Rathasaptami Sunday 14th Feb, 2016

Dear Blessed Self, Hari OM, While the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, the Yogis all over the world had a different perspective altogether. Ask any yogi “What was on Sunday the 14th Feb?” and a prompt reply will come,  “RathaSaptami”.         The whole week Dhrti Yoga Center observed the  important days, that come […]

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