Month: August 2012

Aruna Vasudev, home maker

“I am practicing yoga from couple of years and consider myself very lucky to educate myself under able guidance of Satya, who is truly service oriented. I can feel lot of changes in my body and mind. I have learnt the practices in depth – the physiological, the psychological benefits of it. It’s a pure […]

Subhas Chandra Mondal, Wipro

He had met with an accident, which lead to head injury and neck pain, after regular practice of yoga he says: “I find longer pranayama session to give me more relaxation and gives lasting freshness. However, morning session is a good option as I feel less tired in the evening. More number of Pranayama would […]


I have been practicing Yoga from close to year with breaks on and off. I work as a doctor and have an active work-life. Firstly this is only ME time I get for myself thrice a week with pure focus on just myself without any errands on my mind. Yoga has helped me in becoming […]

Arun Hari

My primary motivation to starting off on yoga lessons was due to my liver condition. After 8 months of a hepatitis attack, my bile count was not dropping below normal, despite taking strong medication (including steroids) and having strict diet control. I checked my count last week, and for the first time since mid-2009 it […]

K.Uma, M.Sc., R.D. Registered Nutrition Consultant

Dear Yogis, I take this opportunity to thank Satyaji for giving me and my husband Krishna (who is also practicing Yoga at Dhrti for the past 2 yrs) a wonderful Yoga training. Satyaji has got very deep knowledge about different aspects of Yoga. Her encouragement, knowledge about the physiology and anatomy of the body, different […]

Ashok, Relationship Manager, PHILIPS Electronics

I happened to join Dhrti Yoga just two months back because of knee problem and allergy with cold, and in just two months I can feel the difference in my knee and immunity. I am really grateful to Dhrti Yoga and the way teaching has been offered with care, proper guidance and motivation to do […]

Ajay, Computer Science Corporation

This is a good initiative thought to let us tell what we feel. I had this in my mind for a while to express how the changes have occurred in me and now I have the chance. It’s been a journey of seven months. And the passion that Satya have for yoga has rubbed on […]


have been associated with Satya since October 2010. I am like the typical software engineer who does most of the job sitting & gazing at computer and who has to travel long distances to reach office. I started losing flexibility in body & started getting stiff due to lack of exercise. Yoga has helped me […]

Geetha Iyer, SME in Advertising, Wipro

Hi, it’s wonderful and pleasure learning yoga with Satya. She gives us lots of positive energy and always challenges ourselves. I feel the kind of flexibility I am gaining. I like this journey coz it is helping me to come out of ambiguity in thinking. I am fine with the timings offered at Dhrti. I […]

Priyanka Ramaswamy

Hi, I am doing my MBA and married. First of all I would like to say I just love the way meditation is done. For me, yoga has been very useful and after joining at Dhrti. I feel very relaxed and calm. I feel totally refreshed after each session. It’s a blend of everything taught […]