Monthly Archives: July 2012

Trip To Melukote

1 Fri, 27 July 2012, 11:43
  Our one day trip to Melukote, fun filled and exciting Dhrti practitioners –   youngsters, senior citizens, and kids enjoying their time.                                                ...
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Philosophy of Life Divine

0 Wed, 25 July 2012, 11:19
Sri Aurobindo in his book ‘The Life Divine’ says- Man has first to grow into the divine consciousness and as he grows he has to communicate the inner gains to the society around. In the philosophy of life divine Sri Aurobindo looks upon this world as a scene of evolution of consciousness, with man as the crown of the effort Continue Reading...
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Fast and be in Charge

1 Mon, 23 July 2012, 15:06
Ramzan has begun and the month of Shravan is round the corner. Every religion has its share of fasts—‘upavas’ in Sanskrit. It means sitting next to or residing in close proximity to the higher reality. Every fast has its own set of rules on what you can eat and what must be avoided. So, in Shravan, we avoid foods that Continue Reading...
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An eating plan for Ramzan

0 Thu, 19 July 2012, 16:55
Ramzan or Ramadan is round the corner and it means different thing to different people – prayers, fasting, feasting, holidays, charities, traffic, shopping, big movies releases etc. The beauty of festivals is no matter how you look at it, it’s a time of joy, celebration and bonding with friends and families. Ramzan above all is a time for Bhakti, devotion Continue Reading...
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