Year: 2012

Q 1: How does the mind differ from the Soul?

A: The mind is a special, limited particularization, or tool, of the Soul-consciousness. The Soul-consciousness is unlimited and all-pervading. The mind however, is the form of the collective of desires, and hence, it is inert. But it appears to be conscious and powerful while the Inner Self/the Soul is reflected through it. The mind is […]

For Apple-A-Day Doctors

Here is another befitting reply by Rujuta Last week, I was invited to speak at the Obesity conference at Nair Medical, a reputed hospital and medical college. I was to speak about nutrition and obesity; I used the opportunity for some advocacy instead. These were my points: 1. Ask your patients to ‘get fitter’ or […]

Sugar doesn’t harm, the misinformation around it does.

Sugar craving post lunch = poor recovery. Take 15 minutes nap in the afternoon it helps you rejuvenate, distress, kills the craving & improves fat burning The misinformation around sugar runs so deep that other than funny responses it’s also a sad tale of how this ancient nutrient is now just looked down upon. We […]

happy teacher’s day

Respected Madam, Wish you happy teachers’ day. Thank you for nurturing me with your guidance and affection. I am blessed to have you as my mentor. A sweet – sweet teacher; who thinks about our future, Smart with bright smile, with her lovely style, She teaches good manners which are useful for outside matters She […]


This time, live to eat Rujuta Diwekar, celebrity nutritionist, clears some common myths about our daily diet Milky way Whosoever thought that toned milk is good for health, needs to cross check facts. “The basic nutrients of milk are rich as it is. They don’t need anything else,” she says. And certainly, stop using those […]

The mental equilibrium of an advanced Yogi

Q 3: Does the mental equilibrium of an advanced Yogi get affected when attacked by some serious disease? How does he react on such occasions? A: Never. If there is any thought of the body or the disease or the bodily affliction or something that cannot be tolerated by the fleshy frame, remember that he […]

Nadi Suddhi in its Technical Sense

Q 2: What is Nadi Suddhi in its technical sense? How to feel that one has attained perfect Nadi Suddhi? A: Nadi Suddhi means purification of the nerves (Nadis). Nerve is not the correct English term for Nadi. There is no appropriate word for Nadi in English. Complete fast, preferably without any liquid or solid […]

Do We Have Two Minds – Lower and Higher Minds

Q 1: When I sit for prayers, the lower mind wanders astray, but the other mind recites the Stotras without the slightest flaw, because of habit. But when I consciously try to recite the prayers, I sometimes miss the link, and have at times to repeat a Stotra from the beginning. Thus, are there two […]


The single biggest achievement of the weight-loss industry is the “low carb-high protein” diktat. This mother of all myths can explain most of the food fads going around. But it is so well-entrenched in popular culture worldwide, propagated as it is by doctors, dieticians, trainers alike, that it has almost become a fact most of […]

Food Fraud – Instant Noodles

One of Dhrti Practitioners shares an article she came across, shows how ignorant we are about the market strategies. Given the current scenario where everyone, but everyone, is frantic in their hunt for healthier foods, brands, who probably created this scenario to begin with, now step in with their versions of healthy food products. The […]