Month: February 2011

A Treat With Nature

Namaste, I am practicing yoga at Dhriti yoga for the last 8 months. Recently I had been to a retreat in the Krishnamurthi study center (Valley school) and Satya requested me to share the experience. I know it is as tough as describing water –liquid, tasteless, colorless, quenches thirst, H2O – all these won’t make […]

Ratha Saptami – Global Surya Namaskar Day

Well take it the way you want a dynamic detoxification program, pure science or geometry. Ratha Saptami is celebrated as Lord Surya’s birthday. And is one of the most awaited days for the yogis globally. We too at Dhrti enthusiastically look forward for this day to pay our respect to Surya and artistically perform Surya Namaskar […]

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