Month: November 2009

Power Yoga Session at Dhrti

I came to know about these sessions through a cousin of mine whose friend is a practitioner.  I wanted to lose weight and had tried everything like aerobics, gym…. all worked but the weight gain rate was twice the loss rate… so thought should do yoga… which has worked wonders.  I have been practicing it […]

Panchakarma-Medicated Detoxification

This is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment which cleanses your entire body balancing the tridoshas – the constitution of what we are made of. There are many reasons for one to start with Panchakarma, hormone related concerns, overweight, etc..I started this treatment as I had stubborn boils on my face that wouldn’t go and I was […]

TTK Solution and Laghoo ShankaPrakshalana(LSP)

LSP- short intestinal wash ===================== About the technique ===================== A technique to cleanse your large intestine (colon) and promote good bowel movement and flush out accumulated toxins and wastes in the bowel. ============== Motivations ============== * Helps in weight loss by flushing out accumulated wastes when done regularly. *Improves the quality of life thus keeping […]

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