I’m kind of having a moment with food right now! Or, must I say, a million more moments over the last 4 months of my pregnancy.

Well, Hari Om everyone. This is Namitha, one among the many nava-yoginis attending sessions at Dhrti, 9:30 am. For me, love for food is the way I crave for it, the way I look at sweets, chocolates & ice-creams & the way my mouth begins to water at the very sight of it. They never fail to stimulate my appetite. Yes!! I am in LOVE with them. But why am I writing this??

As is customary at Dhrti, every Poornima, we have planned visits to the Ashram and also a seva where all the yoginis on a rotation basis prepare prasadam which is distributed after the satsang. But wait, this time the prasadam that was being prepared was done at the center itself. All the Nava yoginis, were ask to bring the necessary equipments from their homes and so was one of the yogini given the responsibility of bringing the main ingredients.

It all started with a traditional chant of prayers & the routine asanas. But soon my eyes were treated to some lip-smacking & finger licking laddoos. Sooner than expected, with the equivalent contribution of all the nava-yoginis, about 90 laddoos were already piled up on the plates and was offered to the Lord Krishna with a traditional prayer.

This recipe for sure will enter my handful of favorites!!

For all the sweet lovers, here goes the recipe –


Paneer – 1 kg, Agra Petha – 1 kg, Desiccated coconut powder – 400 grams


Grate the paneer and peta and mix them well. Make about 2-inch size laddoos and roll these on the coconut powder. Make sure you coat them well since the coconut powder adds that extra yum into the laddoos!! Once done, arrange them in a flat air tight container & refrigerate. This makes approx. 85-90 pieces, unless you don’t gobble a few while preparing!!! It is advisable to consume this within a day or two.

As is my nature, I was dying for one bite of it. After offering it to the Almighty of course, ummmmm went a bite down my throat! The feeling was ecstatic. It was unexplainable. It was magical. There were bubbles and beads in the air. Literally! I seriously loved them.

Life without sweets means nothing to me. Nothing!! I can have any of them, even a chewing gum or a big-bowl of a sundae! I think about them every moment. If you’re raising your eyebrows in question, the answer is YES, my love for them is way too big for you to understand. It’s in my genes, I can’t help it!

Thank you Nava Yoginis for your time & effort!

Hari OM Tat Sat

Namitha Bhombore

paneer ladoos

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