Great Balancers

1 Fri, 20 January 2012, 14:55

A child like curiosity is an asset.

The 10 am sessions at Dhrti Studio is full of cheerful homemakers and love to discover new things in a pose. While few of them are working – balancing life, others are mothers with their own special conditions, but what is the most striking feature over here is – they are filled with positive energy – enthusiastic about life and the tasks they undertake.

From Hare Pose / Pranamasa where the effect is rebalancing/ calming to a twister where they unwind their minds, now concentrating in Crane Posture conquering the fear of falling forward, building confidence in many areas of their life.


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  1. sudha says:

    great enthu of the practitioners! more than that satya mam’s comment is superb!

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