Q. How To Reach Dhrti Yoga Center?
A. 1. If you are coming from Bannerghatta Road:

You may either take a right in BTM from Mantri Elite and follow the lake road, watch for Nilgiris on right and take left lane opposite to it which is 7th Main reach up to the 7th Cross circle, take left and reach the T junction, take left immediate right and center is on your left hand.

Or, take U-turn at Jayadeva signal, come up to Gopalan Mall, after sai ram hospital take left, first right dead end, left, and Dhrti Yoga is on right hand side..

2. If you are coming from Advaita Petrol Junction/ Near Udipi Garden:
Take Udipi garden road up to Food Days, take right come straight up to 7th main 7th cross circle, continue straight road till T junction, take left immediate right and center is on your left hand.

Q. What do you teach?
A. We teach Hatha Yoga, Sw. Sivananda Style.

Q. How does Yoga help?
A. Yoga helps you to come back to your base.

As you start practicing, you start discovering about your limitations, strengths, and weakness. The different practices help to develop all the faculties of a man – physical, mental, intellectual, and emotional in a harmonious and integrated fashion.

Thus deal with the all round challenge of the modern technological era with its hectic speed.

Just start the journey no one knows where it will take you.

Q. When can I start my practice session?
A. These are open sessions. You can enroll yourself at any date of the month, the day you begin will be Monday.

Q. How do I go about with it?
A. Email or fill the online registration form, we will reply you with an appointment time and day and take it forward from there.

Q. What should I do if I have health concerns?
A. Please meet the Yoga teacher before you take up the sessions, discuss all the concerns. Keeping in mind your health concerns the the teacher will guide you. The yoga practices at Dhrti are structured practices made to correct the health concerns.

At Dhrti, yoga has helped many practitioners improve their lifestyle, sleeping patterns, dietary habits, and relationships; as a result, they lead much cheerful and healthy life now.

Q. Do I need to register myself, is there a registration fee?
A. Yes you have to register by filling the registration form. The monthly fee is paid in advance on the date of joining and on every scheduled date. There is no registration fee. There is a standard dress code, practitioners buy uniform from the center and they come in uniform only.

Q. How often do I need to practice?
A. Regularity is the key! Practice Everyday.

Q. How long is the session?
A. The session is for an hour, some sessions go up to 75 minutes also.

Q. Can practice when I am menstruating?
A. Yes you can, let the teacher know about it as there are certain asana practices and pranayamas on specific days.

Q. How do I know I am improving in my practice?
A. Yoga practice brings you closer to your true self. In every session you notice the difference in your nature. Remember if your practice is bringing joy to you mean it is suiting you.

Q. What I need to bring along for my practice session?
A. Please carry your own yoga mat. And do not bring mobiles and electronic gadgets to the center.

Q. Do you sell Yoga mats, neti pots, yoga books and other yoga accessories?
A. Yes, we do sell them. They are available at the center.

Q. Is weight reduction possible by doing yoga?
A. Weight reduction is possible through regular practice. However, there is no instant weight loss when you practice yoga. You have to adopt a holistic approach.

You have to be persistent and gradually work with intensifying your practice. Follow a good lifestyle, incorporate a balanced diet, sleep well, and maintain good relationship. A well balanced personal and professional lifestyle will help you give desired results.

Q. What is the best time for practice?
A. Practice at the same time every time. Ensure a disciplined routine. The effect is best felt on light stomach.

Q. I travel a lot, can I still practice my Yoga?
A. Yes, it is very easy to practice yoga anywhere, anytime; all you need is a will to do and your yoga mat.

Q. I do not have enough time to practice yoga?
A. Work never ends neither household nor many other tasks in our daily lives. There will always be something you can use as an excuse to put off your dedication to your health and happiness. So whatever your sticking point is drop it now and commit afresh to your health and well being.

Q. Am not flexible, can I do yoga?
A. If you can breathe you can do yoga. Never worry about flexibility. You don’t need to start off flexible to become flexible. Stiffest of the stiff people become flexible in just few sessions and they are the one who notice the results first.

Q. I work in different shifts, when is the best time for me to practice my yoga?
A. When you feel fresh and relaxed and when your body cooperates with you practice at that time. Make sure you get enough sleep, clear your system, have a shower, and then practice your asanas. See the effect you will feel much energized for the rest of the day.

Q. I have just eaten, can I practice asanas?
A. No, all the bending and twisting will cause discomfort. If you have just eaten a full meal, give at least 3 hours and light meal give half an hour before you start your practice. If you are new to yoga, begin your practice in the evenings, and then gradually acquire the discipline to practice in the early mornings. Yoga is best early mornings as you are very light and must have had very little if any, say a fruit.

Q. I have difficulty in emptying my bowels, is it still safe to do yogasana?
A. It is not advisable to practice yoga on a full bowel or bladder. If you frequently feel constipated, have a fruit on rising in the morning. This will clear your bowels and will allow you to go ahead with your practice with ease.

Q. Can we do yogasanas on a bare floor?
A. It is not advisable to practice yoga on the bare floor. Use a mat that is thick, comfortable, and does not slip.

Q. Is it alright to practice yoga after a hot shower?
A. However cold it may outside, practicing yoga after a cold shower is highly recommended. Hot showers before your practice could lead to neurosis and laziness. If you are weak, suffer from an ailment that cannot handle cold showers, or the weather is excessively cold outside, shower in warm water until you get used to the idea of cold showers. But if you suffer from asthma or diabetes, try shower in cold water whenever possible – this speeds up the curing process.

Q. How much time should I devote to my yoga practice every day?
A. There is no minimum amount of time that you should devote to yoga practice each day. But a daily dose of 15 minutes of yoga and pranayama is much more effective than practicing for several hours one day and none the next.

Q. Is there any age restriction for practicing yogasanas?
A. No. People of all ages can practice yoga; seniors need to practice for a shorter duration.