Chandra Sadhana – Harmonisation of the energy forces

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Chandra Sadhana is Dhrti’s Value added service. A sadhana from Tantra yoga for the welfare of yoga sadhakas done on days like Poornima and Amavasya when the lunar energy is high. Practices like Chandra Namaskara with mantras, Chakra Sadhana with beeja mantras, Yoga Nidra, Antar Mouna, and Jyoti trataka are performed.

In Samkhya philosophy, the evolution of mind is conceived in five stages:

1. Dull (Mudha), 2. Scattered (Kshipta), 3. Oscillating (Vikshipta), 4. One-pointed (Ekagrata), and 5. Controlled (Nirudha).

By regular practice, the lower states of the mind are gradually evolved into higher states. If you have a mind which is dissipated and restless as a monkey, what are you going to do? Instead of arresting, crushing, or punishing the mind, why don’t you find out why it becomes restless. In the Gita it is written :

“Even as a lamp in the midst of a breeze becomes restless, in the same way so does the mind…”

So, when the mind becomes restless, the passions ride high, and the vrittis are absolutely notorious, you must know how to close the windows of the mind and make this light one-pointed and unwavering. This is called yoga.

Hatha yoga is not only asanas and pranayama. Technically speaking, Hatha yoga means those practices by which you bring about the union of the two forces in the body- Ha and Tha, solar and lunar, hot and cold, positive and negative, physical and mental, Sun and Moon, Ida and Pingala, or sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.

From the modern scientific point of view, the solar energy, encompasses movement, locomotion and life. The processes of breathing, digestion, secretion, circulation and conception. On the other hand, lunar energy corresponds to the mental functions of man and is a composite of the knowing, thinking, reasoning, remembering and analysing processes.

When there is harmony between the pranic and manasic functions of the body, yoga becomes swift and smooth. However, this harmony rarely occurs. In most people, either the solar or the lunar energy predominates. An excess of solar energy manifests rajo guna, and if lunar energy predominates, tamo guna is present. If the lunar energy is weak and the solar energy is powerful, one becomes restless, violent and schizophrenic. People are sensuous on account of excess solar energy. Conversely, when lunar energy is more powerful man falls into the realms of depression or frustration. An imbalance between these systems can lead one to confinement in a mental hospital or a jail sentence. On the other hand, a balance results in an awakening of the higher energies. Therefore, if you wish for harmony between the two forces, you must maintain a balance between frustration and depression, and aggression and action.

Aim of HATHA yoga is to balance these two energies. 





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