Dhrti Yogis – In Action

16 Mon, 30 January 2012, 10:19

At the crack of dawn, 32 participants of Dhrti were set to welcome Surya today on this auspicious day of Ratha Saptami.  Began with their sankalpa to do Surya Namaskara – yes as per their will power – 16 enthusiastic participants completed 108 rounds.

The event began at 6 am with 3 OMs and shanti path followed by 11 rounds of Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and 11 rounds of Gayatri Mantra. The practice of Surya Namaskara began with mantras being chanted by all in each and every round.

Thus keeping the energy following,  SURYA NAMASKARA CHAMPS completed 108 rounds in less than 75 minutes and were still energetic. They were honored with certificate as a token of appreciation, encouragement from Dhrti. Closing the session with sweets, shanti path, all dispersed with cheerful spirits.

Dhrti expresses heartfelt gratitude to Venkatesh, 6 pm practitioner, who made arrangements for the place, each and every participant performing Surya Namaskara today in community, and all those who continued with their practice at their place be in Bangalore  or other part of the world:-)

Congratulations to one and all. Let us make this day part of our daily routine from now on and continue with this Meditation In Action.



16 Responses to "Dhrti Yogis – In Action"
  1. Abhishek says:

    So nice to see you all. Awesome stuff.

  2. Vimal says:

    Congrats to the champs. Great job everyone and great to see the energy. I missed a great opportunity.

  3. Kethan says:

    Happy Ratha Sapthami to all..!!!
    Sad that I was not able to attend today’s session.After seeing the snaps I could recollect last year’s moments.
    Special Thanks to Satya for all your encouragement

    Last but not least,Congrats to all the Champs…

  4. smitha koppar says:

    Awesomeness!! enjoyed every moment of it! thanks a lot satya for making this happen and for making 108 not look like 108.. we shd do this more often!

  5. Satya says:

    Great, am all ready for it…seeing the strength and energy it seemed so easy…so as the suggestion is lets have this frequent.

  6. Priyanka says:

    Great!!I wish i could attend it but did surya namaskara at home 50 times.Thanks Satya for the motivation and encouragement,will be good if done frequently with the mantras.

  7. Satya says:

    Thank you Abhishek, great to receive news from practitioners who are far away. Distance makes no difference right – though far you are always remembered.

  8. Rakesh says:

    It is such a blissful day, every moment was thoroughly enjoyed.Thanks a lot to Satya for making us a part of this.

  9. Uma says:

    It was really wonderful…and i felt really energetic after all that!! 🙂 🙂

  10. Mani says:

    Great job all of you. Wish I had joined you. Keep the energy going. Kudos to satya for initiating this exercise.

  11. Vijay says:

    Not one among you seems fatigued! Congratulations, you got every right to be proud. (Great photos too)

  12. ramana says:

    Truly appreciate the enthusiasm and determination of all ‘nextgen’ yogis. It was like a synchronized symphony of the body, mind, heart, and spirit – Ramana

  13. Amit says:

    It was a feeling by itself after completing 108 rounds of Surya Namaskar.Mantra’s were strong enough, not to get us weak at any point.Definitely,everybody would have done more in numbers then their Sankalpa.

  14. Surya Namaskar increases the anti oxidant properties in the human body. It is effective in improving blood circulation and self-healing power of the body.

  15. Rajesh says:

    It is nice to see a big group. I did the surya namaskar 108 times at my home. I have already planned to do once in a month to the count of 108 and 12 on a daily basis. it feels good after doing. A sense of calmness and peace.

  16. Uma Kalyani says:

    Dear all,
    I started doing Surya Namaskars on that day with a sankalpa of 51 rounds but when i reached that many rounds i was not at all feeling tired may be because of the team spirit or Satya’s mantras or because of the nice weather or all together.Then i thought of finishing some more rounds and reached 85 rounds without any difficulties then thought of stopping but because of Satya’s encouragement i made it to 108 rounds. But throughout the whole day i was feeling very light and energetic. And now i feel nothing is impossible in the world if you wish to do something from your base of your heart and when it accompanies with good support and encouragement you can definitely achieve that.:-)

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