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Publishers’ Note

Truth is simple. Simple are the words of God-realised saint. How simply our Gurudev, Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj, states the subtlest of spiritual truths, so that even laymen can understand! The Sage’s compassion is such that he wants the truths of the scriptures to be made available to all, to whatever intellectual level they may belong. Therefore, he has literally exhausted all the methods of stating the truth. He has written commentaries on ancient texts; he has presented learned theses on metaphysical questions; he has narrated them in the form of interesting stories; he has given laconic expression to them in aphorisms; he has vividly dramatised them in his plays; he has sung them in songs and woven them into sublime poems; and now comes another potent method of instruction-the Parable. The story is interesting; the mind readily grasps it. The spiritual truth which is the other side of the story automatically gets inerasably lodged in the mind. The truth becomes not only clear, but indelible.

These Parables are of incalculable benefit not only for the Sadhaka to meditate upon, but for the spiritual propagandist-with the parables he can drive his sermon home into the heart of the audience.


Bhakti Commandments

1. Develop devotion through Japa, Kirtan, Sattvic food, worship (Puja) etc. Yearn for God-vision. Love Him with all your heart. Remember Him constantly.

2. Keep the company of saints, the righteous and the wise. Study devotional books like the Gita, the Bhagavata, the Ramayana, the lives of Saints.

3. The Name of the Lord is Divine Nectar. Name is your sole Refuge, Prop and Treasure. Name and Nami (God) are one. Always chant His Names with devotion. Do Kirtan. This is the principal Sadhana in Kali-Yuga.

4. Pray to the Lord from the core of your heart: “I am Thine. All is Thine. Thy Will be done. I am an instrument in Thy Hands. You do everything. You are Just. Grant me faith and devotion.”

5. Feel the Presence of God with you. See God in every face. Behold the whole world as the Lord.

6. Practice Sadachara (right conduct). Cultivate virtues and eradicate vices. Be good. Be kind to all. Be humble. Be pure. Speak the truth. Control anger. Have a large heart. Develop compassion.

7. Teach the eye to behold the Form of the Lord. Teach the ear to hear the Lord’s Lilas and Glory. Teach the hands to serve the saints and the poor.

8. Take refuge in the Lord. Do total, ungrudging self-surrender. Live for Him. Offer your actions to Him. His Grace will descend on you.

9. Have perfect trust in God. Faith is necessary to attain God. Faith can take you to the inner chambers of the Lord.

10. Constantly repeat some inspiring verses (praises of God’s Glory) or some Mantras, or the Names of God. This will be your Divine background of thought.

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