2 Sun, 21 June 2009, 15:47
We practice Brahmacharya when we consciously choose to use our life force (especially the energy of sexuality) to express our dharma, rather than to frivolously dissipate it in an endless pursuit of fleeting pleasures. Brahmacharya reminds us that our life force is both limited and precious, and sexual activity is one of the quickest ways to deplete it. As yogis, Continue Reading...
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Diet And Fitness

2 Sat, 13 June 2009, 09:12
Basic Elements of Good Diet are? What to eat When to eat How (often) to eat How much to eat WHAT TO EAT: Its an Old saying, “man becomes what he thinks” and Naturopathy defines, “man become what he eats”J Check the food you eat has carbohydrates and fibres, proteins, and fats STRIKE THE RIGHT BALANCE Eat from the four Continue Reading...
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