Swadhyaya of Yoga

0 Mon, 02 August 2010, 13:47
First publication on August 1, 2010 By Dr. M C Panda in Yoga and Spirituality|A way of life After attending regular yoga sessions for elderly persons in Dhrti Yoga Studio, BTM 2nd Stage Bangalore from July 28, 2009 to April 22, 2010 for about 9 months; I had to practice Swadhyaya of Yoga at home as the yoga classes for Continue Reading...
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What is meant by positive pressure and negative pressure?

1 Tue, 13 July 2010, 15:37
Getting back to basic science of schooldays, the action of centrifugal and centripetal –  same principle is applied here. For example while doing pawanmuktasana where you hug your knees close to your chest the additional pressure exerted on the body is a positive pressure.  The blood from the concerned places gets squeezed away to other places this is known as Continue Reading...
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Shatkarma Trip to SVYASA

0 Thu, 01 July 2010, 12:34
A Shatkarma trip to SVYASA Yoga University, Jigani Bangalore was arranged for yoga practitioners of Dhrti Yoga on June 27, 2010. I was one of the participants in the group of 12. Satya, Director Dhrti Yoga accompanied the practitioners. The programme commenced with demonstrations and practices of Jala Neti & Vamana Dhauti: the two practices of six Shatkarmas. It was Continue Reading...
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Six Shatkarmas

0 Wed, 30 June 2010, 11:35
The six shatkarmas are: 1. Neti: A process of cleansing and purifying the nasal passages. Practices included in this category are: jala neti and sutra neti. 2. Dhauti: A series of cleansing techniques which are divided into three main groups: antar dhauti or internal cleansing,sirsha dhauti or head cleansing (traditionally called danta dhauti), and hrid dhauti or thoracic cleansing. The Continue Reading...
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Therapeutic Yoga for Diabetes

3 Mon, 03 May 2010, 16:05
Diabetes is related to impaired glucose tolerance of the body where the insulin function is affected. Common symptoms 1. Excessive thirst and hunger 2. Frequent urination  3. Tiredness  4. Burning sensation  5. Numbness How yoga benefits Diabetes  1. Glucagon secretion is enhanced by stress and tension. Yoga has been proven to be effective against stress and tension which in turn Continue Reading...
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Sai Baba`s discourse on Brahma-gnyan

2 Mon, 19 April 2010, 17:04
As described in Chapter XVI & XVII of “Shri Sai Satcharita”, Sai Baba gave a rather long discourse on the subject, the purport of which is given below: Qualifications for Brahma-gnyan or Self-realization All persons do not see or realize the Brahma in their life time. Certain qualifications are absolutely necessary. 1. Mumukshu or intense desire to get free. He Continue Reading...
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Stop Diabetes Through Yoga

5 Wed, 14 April 2010, 19:37
SDM event at Prashanti camp, SVYASA On 6th April 2010, a free camp (free transportation & fooding) was organized by S.D.M. (Stop Diabetes Movement) project at Prashanti, SVYASA University, Bangalore for diabetic persons practicing Yoga. I was one of the participants representing Dhrti Yoga Studio, BTM 2nd stage Bangalore. It was a whole day business from 10 5 P.M. Continue Reading...
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1 Mon, 05 April 2010, 14:15
Look back & thank God. Look forward & trust God. Look around & serve God. Look within & find God. Face your past without regret, Handle your present with confidence. Prepare for the future without fear. Never search your happiness in others which will make you feel alone, Rather search it in yourself you will feel happy even if you Continue Reading...
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Krida Yoga

1 Sat, 03 April 2010, 17:59
Well it was another unique experience for all as with Yoga in Lap of Nature, this time the Yoga Practitioners enjoyed Yoga Games.  While doing my M.Sc in Yoga, with SVYASA, Krida Yoga was one of the most important subjects and today its real fun when I get the opportunity to extend all that I learnt to everyone. Anything that Continue Reading...
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