Andrey Sokolov

0 Wed, 01 August 2012, 14:16

Russian student, who visited India and while his stay attended a short course of one month along with his other Russian colleagues. He narrates in his words, “Satya, you discovered for me universe of Yoga. I never suppose yoga is much more than only Indian National physical culture or gymnastics plus a bit of philosophy and religion. Thanks to your infection of enthusiasm and patience, I understand more about extremely importance of relationship between people, positive manner of thought way. Spring of happiness is in human mind. Human mind needs a healthy body. A path to success runs through good hearted and sincere relations with folks like us. A man can be happy and yoga provides the right way to this goal. Thank you very much for the training course. I and all my friends really enjoyed it during all the time we stayed in India. Please don’t stop your practice. I am sure this is the right way in life. You are a perfect yoga teacher”!

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