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amruta allada

0 Sun, 05 August 2018, 19:28
  Hari OM, My experience at Dhrti yoga is very good. I progressed as a yoga practitioner and also grown as a yoga teacher. Had a very good learning experience as a yoga practitioner and as a Bala yoga teacher. I am happy that I had an opportunity to attend both of your classes. I learnt many new aspects of Continue Reading...
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Mantra Yoga – unlocking the pandora box of mind

0 Wed, 01 August 2018, 06:35
Hari OM, Mantra is not the name of a god or goddess or of a person. It is not a holy word or part of a hymn. Mantra is not sacred, nor is it a tool for concentration. It is a vehicle for expansion of mind and liberation of energy. Unlocking Pandora’s Box What happens when you are practising mantra Continue Reading...
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