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Guru Poornima Sunday July 9, 2017

0 Sun, 16 July 2017, 21:20
Dhyaana moolam guror murtih; Pooja moolam guror padam; Mantra moolam guror vakyam; Moksha moolam guror kripa The Full Moon in the month of Ashada (June – July) is celebrated as Guru Poornima. On this day, we honor, celebrate, and renew the link and association with our Guru.   The word Guru means by whose grace we are able to remove the darkness of ignorance and shine the light of knowledge Continue Reading...
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Guru Poornima Sadhana – June 27 till July 9, 2017

0 Sun, 16 July 2017, 13:59
Hari OM, ⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜⚜🌹⚜🌹⚜ Like every year this year too Guru Poornima sadhana started on the 27/06/2017  this year with Yamas and Niyamas: swami niranjanji says, This Guru Poornima Fine tune your life – go beyond asana and stress – release. Everybody likes practicing asana, as it is something dynamic and physical with which they can connect. However, the final attainment of Continue Reading...
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Chandra Sadhana – Harmonisation of the energy forces

0 Sat, 15 July 2017, 14:47
Hari OM, In Samkhya philosophy, the evolution of mind is conceived in five stages: 1. Dull, 2. Scattered, 3. Oscillating, 4. One-pointed, and 5. Controlled. By regular practice, the lower states of the mind are gradually evolved into higher states. If you have a mind which is dissipated and restless as a monkey, what are you going to do? Instead Continue Reading...
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